Park Lane Academy

‘We aspire to be the best at everything we do’

Taught Program

Careers Education is taught via the PSHCE programme. It is designed to get students thinking about the future right from Year 7 by developing enterprise skills, ensuring lots of contact with business volunteers and teaching them about financial and economic wellbeing.

Year 7

Enterprise project - Design a Theme Park. Business volunteers teach the students about marketing and budgeting and students compete in tutor groups to plan, design, build models of and market a brand new theme park.

Year 8

Planning Ahead – students are introduced to the school careers library. They also meet business volunteers to learn about their career paths and how the labour market is changing. They then create their own career path action plans.

Year 9

Economic and Financial wellbeing – students learn about financial decision making including opening bank accounts, interest rates, needs versus wants. They learn about the cost of living including minimum wage and living wage.

Year 10

Work experience preparation – Students learn about the importance of work experience and how to plan and prepare for it, including: thinking about the kind of job they may want to do, finding their own placements, making phone calls, researching a company.

Economic and Financial wellbeing – Students learn about financial decision making including good and bad debt, cost of borrowing including pay day loans, bank loans and overdrafts. They start to make the link between different jobs leading to different salaries and how this links to the cost of living.

Year 11

Post-16 talks – presentations during PSHCE from a range of colleges, sixth forms and apprentice providers to help students decide where to apply.

Preparing for interview – writing CVs, personal statements, completing application forms and interview practice including body language, and how to sound and look confident.