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Learning Resource Centre



The learning Resource Centre is an important part of your school life – and a very busy place indeed!  Here you can read books and magazines, go online, do homework and borrow a book to take home.  Some students have lessons here as well.  We hope you will soon get involved in our various activities: for instance, you can join a club or take part in our exciting  reading challenge.

Opening Times

Mon – Thurs:  8.30am – 4.30pm and Friday: 8.30am – 4.00pm
During the LRC working hours you can come in at any time, subject to the following conditions:

  • During a lesson you need to be authorised or accompanied by a teacher.
  • At break and lunch you can come in on your own.
  • Before and after school we are open for all.

Using the library and finding books in the library

Borrowing books:  Once you have found your book, check it out at the desk.  The librarian will tell you when your book is due back and also stamp your book with its return date to remind you. You can also check your current and past loans on your Online Library System profile. If you are still reading it when the due date is near, drop by and let us know, so that we can renew it for you.  Please remember to keep the books safe and in good condition.  Books in the library fall in two main categories: fiction and non-fiction.

Fiction:  Fiction (novels, poetry, collections of stories, fairy-tales, graphic novels, etc) is divided into the following sections: General Fiction, Crime, Horror, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Poetry, Short Stories, Movie Books, Read Alone, Graphic Novels and Comics. We also have a section set aside for G&T students as well as a magazine rack.

Non-Fiction:  Non-Fiction is arranged in subjects, not by author.  This is because you are often interested in the subject (e.g. water birds) and are unlikely to know authors’ names.  Subjects in libraries are organised according to the Dewey classification system (e.g. for water birds is 598.3) Come and see the LRC managers if you struggle to find the book you’re looking for.

Reference books:  These books cannot be taken home.  We keep them separate from the other non-fiction.  Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and textbooks are reference books.

Using the computers:  During break and lunch, as well as before and after school you can come in and log on.  Computers can be used for work and for personal use.  Please remember not to go on games during school hours.

GCSE:  For those of you in Years 10 and 11, it is really important that you take full advantage of the resources available in the LRC.  We have a curriculum section designed just for you as well as Careers area which includes information about life beyond KS4 e.g. college, 6th form, apprenticeships, vocational info and much more – ask the LRC manager to take full advantage.

Online Library System

  • The online library system is available for all students to keep a record of their current and past loans.
  • On this system, you can search for all of the books that we have available in the library and see if there is an
          available copy.
  • You can also reserve books and write reviews of books that you have read by selecting the book and then the icon
          beneath to review.
  • We aim to keep the news section updated on the system with literary activities and resources for you.
  • Also the system displays the Book of the Week and video interviews of authors.
  • Please feel free to explore this resource and we hope this will help open up a world of books for you!

Our Homework Club runs every day, during lunch, break, before and after school.  It is open to everyone. 
Use the computers to type up work or to browse the Internet, or grab a textbook and sit at the tables to read and research.  Ask a member of staff for help.


  • Be quiet.  Don’t create sound that can distract others.
  • Respect your surroundings.  The LRC is a place of learning and we need to take care of it.
  • Eating and drinking and bringing in food and drink is not allowed.
  • Remember to tidy up after yourself.
  • Remember that the rules of uniform apply here;  just as they do everywhere


Stick to these rules and you will be always welcome.