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Primary Theatre Group

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For 12 weeks primary students came every Thursday after school to our Primary Theatre Group to prepare for a Showcase at Christmas where there was an audience of 400 people who came to watch the fantastic performance.

This was our 4th Showcase in recent years and this year’s theme was ‘Tonight’s the Night’. Students from Whitehill Academy, Siddal Primary, St. Mary’s and West Vale performed songs and dances such as ‘Thriller’, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, ‘Good Night Sweetheart’ and ‘Dance the Night Away’. The students built up their performing abilities, confidence, self esteem and made friendships with new people. Watch this space for announcements about next year’s show!


Events Last Year :

14th Oct: G&T Spanish
16th Oct: Cross Country
22nd Oct: Tag Rugby Competition
27th Nov: Science Primary G&T
27th Nov: Sportshall Athletics
11th Dec: Sports Superstars

Events coming up soon :

23rd Jan: Maths Primary G&T
5th March: Netball Comp
9th March: National Science Week
20th April: English Primary G&T