Park Lane Academy

‘We aspire to be the best at everything we do’

School Rules



At Park Lane we believe in establishing clear expectations for all of our students and staff. In each classroom there are displays of our Expectations,Consequences, Rewards and Non-negotiable rules.

Reward System

We have a rewards system where you can collect merit points for your tutor groups.

You will be rewarded for good attendance, excellent work, behaviour and positive contributions to the school community.


  • Be kind, helpful and polite at all times
  • Look after property, don’t waste or damage things
  • Attend regularly, on time and properly equipped
  • Work hard and play co-operatively
  • Listen with respect to others
  • Follow all instructions given by staff
  • Complete all school work and homework to a high standard
  • Line up outside your classroom before the end of the music.
  • Always have your planner and pencil case out on your desk.
  • Put every effort into everything you do.
  • Have an holistic experience of the Park Lane Academy; join in with extra curricular events


  • Praise
  • Merits
  • Certificates
  • Letters/Postcards/Phone calls home
  • Lunch with the Principal
  • Reward Afternoons
  • Success Assemblies
  • Special events
  • Visits 
  • Trips


  • C1: Polite warning
  • C2: Second warning
  • C3: 10-20 minutes detention
  • C4: Removal to other classroom and/or 30 minute detention
  • C5: ‘On Call’ + 45 minute detention


  • Mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players etc should not be visible
  • Park Lane is a chewing gum free school
  • Park Lane is a non smoking site, this includes E-Cigarettes which are banned for the site and immediate area.
  • Hats should not be worn inside the building
  • Jewellery – a watch, a ring, a bracelet and small earrings only
  • Food and drink can only be eaten in the canteen or outside.

Mobile phones are allowed for health and safety purposes when walking to and from school.  However, they must not be seen in school at any time except breaks and lunchtimes.

Where mobiles or ipods etc are confiscated due to inappropraite use they will be put in a safe place for collection at the end of the school day.