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Key Stage 3

Subject Content: Year 7

During Term one we explore the elements of music. This is explored through rhythm using simple notation, score reading and composing, as well as performing and appraising.  During this term, students will also look at melody and pitch, developing performance skills using keyboards. They will learn basic starter chords and starter techniques and become familiar with keyboard theory.

Students will learn to create compositions and build their confidence in group rhythm performances through the medium of African drumming. They will then move onto the history of 'the Blues' and its relevance to slavery and its application in modern popular music. Students will do a group project on 'Music around the World' and form a band with their peers - they will perform in front of an audience.

Subject Content: Year 8

Building on skills learned in Year 7 students will compose musical pieces of their own by studying composition structure and lyric writing.  In Term 2 they will look at the instruments of a classical orchestra and how they are used in classical music which is followed by learning musical terms and more composition.  Students will do a musical technical project which will use GarageBand on the iMac computers - they will learn how to use the software to compose whilst learning how the musical industry works and the roles within the profession.

KS3 Skills Taught

Students gain the ability to listen and appreciate different forms of music. 
Students attain the ability to compose in many different styles using a wide range of structures and skills/techniques. 
Students attain an improved ability to play at least 1 musical instrument but are taught to play on several instruments. 
They will gain the confidence to read several lines of music on their own or in groups. 
Students gain in confidence and self-esteem through the ability to perform, compose and listen. 
Students gain an active knowledge of different musical genres leading to a wider appreciation of all types of music.

Key Stage 4

Course Name : GCSE MUSIC

Exam Board: AQA

Assessment Detail

Unit 1: Listening to and Appraising Music
Written Paper – 1 hour – 80 marks – 20%

Unit 2: Composing and Appraising Music
Extermally assessed – 40 marks – 20%

Unit 3: Performing Music
Controlled Assessment – 60 marks – 40%

Unit 4: Composing Music
Controlled Assessment – 30 marks – 20%

Autumn Term

Subject Content

Composition – Learning the basic skills need in order to create coherent compositions using basic notation learnt at Key Stage 3 Performance – work towards the performance element of the course.
Regular performing in front of peers. Analysis of the classical tradition of music.

Skills Taught

Group performance – creation of compositions to be played by upwards of 4 players in groups.
Analysis of a variety of styles of music including popular culture and classical..
Individual instrument practice.