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Attendance Information

Attendance Information:

At Park Lane, our attendance motto is ‘every day counts’ and we expect all our students to have attendance over 98% as excellent attendance is directly linked to academic achievement.  Each week with their Form Tutor, our students update their weekly planner page with their current attendance and punctuality.  Those students who have sustained excellent attendance and punctuality levels will receive a merit.

We monitor attendance very closely at Park Lane and each child is placed in one of the following colour groups depending on their percentage attendance.

Green                   98- 100%

Light Green        95-97.99%

Amber                  90.10-94.99%

Red                        80-90%

Dark Red              0-79.99%

On a regular basis, whole school attendance is scrutinised by Heads of Year, an Assistant Head, the Education Welfare Officer and the Attendance Officer.  If your child’s attendance is below 98% an intervention strategy will be implemented. This may be a phone call home, home visit, referral to Education Welfare Officer or legal action such as Fixed Penalty Notice or a Final Warning which could result in a court case.

In the rare event of your child being absent please ring attendance on 01422 301058 or the school number 01422 362215 then select Option 1, to report their absence.  If their absence is unreported, the absence goes on your child’s attendance record as unauthorised.  Parents/carers are asked to notify school of unavoidable absence by writing a letter or writing a note in the student planner.  We advise that medical (including eye tests) and dental appointments (unless an emergency) are taken outside of school hours.
Regular patterns in absence from school will be investigated and action may be taken.

Punctuality Information:

Punctuality to school and lessons is vitally important and Park Lane monitors this closely.  Being on time is not only an essential life skill, but future colleges, 6th forms and employers take punctuality into account as part of their admissions process and poor time keeping may adversely affect potential acceptance onto courses and employment.

Lessons start at 8.40am- so if your child arrives after this time, they are late.  They will receive a 10 minute break time detention.  If a student does not attend this detention they will receive a 30 minute after school detention.
If your child has two or more occasions of lateness in a week they will be issued with an additional 45 minute after school detention.  Furthermore if your child arrives after 9.15am they will automatically receive a 45 minute detention.

If your child is persistently late the ‘unauthorised’ code will be used.  Parents will be notified by letter and if your child’s punctuality does not improve, fines or court action may be issued.  If a student arrives late to a lesson, they will be expected to give that time back to their teacher at break and lunch times. 

Holidays in Term Time:

Park Lane follows Government Guidelines and does not authorise any holidays taken in term time. Where there are exceptional  extenuating circumstances permission must be sought in writing from the Headteacher.

Attendance Awards:

We celebrate outstanding and improved attendance at Park Lane.  Students who have sustained or significantly improved their attendance and punctuality will receive merits in recognition of this.

In addition, we have some fantastic rewards available to our students. 

We also run half termly inter-form attendance competitions for most improved and top attending form.  The winning form groups win ice creams which they enjoy together as a team with their Form Tutor.

At the success assemblies we celebrate termly attendance achievements where certificates are awarded to 100% attenders and those achieving 0 minutes late, the top attending form group, top year group and most improved students.

There are also Attendance Cups to win as a Tutor Group.  The students’ Heads of Year give out a trophy to their top attending Form Group that week in year group assemblies.
We also regularly reward students for their outstanding attendance in our Success Assemblies and Awards Evening.

Please remember to contact us if your child is going to absent on:

Attendance Direct Line

01422 301058

School Number

01422 362215 (Option 1)

Have a look at our Parents’ Guide to Attendance and Punctuality document  – it offers advice about how to improve your child’s attendance and punctuality, information about illnesses and a guide to whether it’s necessary for a child to be off school.

Please follow our top tips to improve attendance:

Establish good habits around bedtime and morning routines.

Encourage your child to organize their clothes and bag the night before.

Have conversations with your child about the benefits of good attendance and punctuality.

Make sure we have up to date contact details for you.

Do not take term time holidays.

Communicate with school about attendance and punctuality.

Be involved with school—attend Parent Evenings and join our Parent Council.

Avoid unnecessary absences—routine medical, dental or optician appointments will NOT be authorised.

Check your child’s attendance record for any inaccuracies.

If you need help or are unsure—ask us!