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Accelerated Reading

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Accelerated Reading


At KS3 all students participate in our Accelerated Reading Programme. This means that we can check how well a student’s reading is progressing at any given moment.

At the beginning of the school year, all our students take a reading test which indicates their reading age. All our books are leveled accordingly so that students can only read books which are appropriate for their age and their reading age. Once they have finished reading a book, our students complete a quiz on it which means we can evaluate their understanding of it effectively and monitor whether or not they should be reading something more difficult, need more one to one reading with their tutor or require specialist reading intervention.

Supporting your child’s reading at home

Below is some guidance on how you can support your child’s reading whether they are reading for pleasure, studying for an exam or trying to find out information

Ask your child:

  1. Why are they reading the text? – to answer a question, to find information, to research a topic, for an exam, to complete some coursework/home learning, for entertainment? Always make sure they know why they are reading the text and get them to check with their teacher if they don’t know.


  1. What sort of text is it? - Who wrote it, what purpose does it have, what form is it written in, who is the intended audience, why is it written the way it is (font, images, layout)?


  1. How are they going to locate the information they need from the text? Could they underline keywords in the text, highlight sentences, note keywords, summarise the text in their own words, take notes?


  1. Do they understand what the text means? Can they tell you about what they have read, have they checked that they understand difficult words by checking their meaning using a dictionary, do any of the words or phrases tell us about the texts viewpoint?