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Progress Pathways

Year 7 Progress Pathways

Each student has been placed on a progress pathway for each of the subjects they study. This progress pathway has been based upon the students’ performance at the end of key stage two and their target outcome at the end of key stage 4 (year11).

This grade is calculated using the students’ performance in the end of KS2 (year 6) assessments, and provides an indication of what similar students typically go on to achieve. 
However, these targets should not be seen as a limit as students can, and do, achieve higher grades.

The four progress pathways have been given a colour

For each department there are learning outcomes that the students need to achieve in order to be meeting the expected standard for this pathway. By selecting a subject from the list below you are able to explore the outcomes for each pathway in that subject.
The progress the student is making towards each pathway will be reported home in the following format

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