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Year 11 Revision Workshop

Our year 11 students had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a revision workshop, hosted by external guest speaker Mohammed from Learning Performance.  The workshop focused on memory and revision techniques to help them through the exam period.

Feedback from the students revealed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and were able to take on board the revision strategies and memory skills they had been taught.

Students learnt memory techniques such as Loci - first used by the Ancient Romans (seriously!) and now famously used by Derren Brown and World Memory Champions.  Loci or Memory Palace works by logically placing items in various locations. Also, Mnemonics - This is a simple and imaginative way to remember lists of words. You just take each item on the list and link them together using a story. The crazier the better!  The students also learnt to condense large amounts of information into note form – an essential skill for revision.

Some great skills learned!  Our students now need to put it into practice!  Good luck to all our Year 11s!

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