Park Lane Academy

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President of Amazon UK, Dr. Doug Gurr Visits Park Lane

On Friday 3 March Park Lane had the honour of welcoming the President of Amazon UK,  Dr. Doug Gurr into our school.  Our students had the privilege of listening to Dr. Gurr’s fantastic stories about  fighting off a polar bear in Greenland and international stories about having an impromptu meeting with a high ranking individual from the Chinese Government.

The message of Dr. Gurrs’ presentation was clear….. regardless of your starting point, if you work hard and you are dedicated, you can achieve anything you want in life.  There may be aspects of your life you cannot change but attending school with a good learning attitude will enable you to be successful.

Our students then had a once in a lifetime opportunity, when they were invited to ask questions about anything they wanted.  Dr Gurr commented that our students had clearly put a lot of thought and research into their questions and was really impressed with the maturity and variety of questions asked – one outstanding example from a Year 11 student was ‘Where did your confidence come from to do the job that you do?’.  Dr Gurr even answered questions about how much he earns at Amazon and what type of car he drives.

This was a thrilling and high impact presentation with an invaluable question and answer session that our students thoroughly enjoyed and will remember for years to come.  Dr Gurr said our students were the best audience he’d spoken to.  We hope that in the near future we will be able to take a group of students to the Amazon UK headquarters.  Well done to all involved, we are extremely proud of you!

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