Park Lane Academy

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Go Wild Project

Go Wild is an exciting project aimed at Year 5 students to connect them with the outdoors. This year students from Elland C of E Junior and Infant School took part in several activities based around the outdoors to experience the science of using the natural world for survival.

Survival training began by planting a variety of vegetables that are easy to grow and contain essential nutrients for a balanced diet. Each week students took time to water and nurture their crops in the hope of a successful harvest at the end of the project.

Building a survival shelter is an absolute priority in the face of harsh or unpredictable weather. A good shelter must protect you from the elements and the students successfully built shelters that were comfortable enough for resting and sleeping.

An essential part of your survival kit is the emergency rations that contain high energy snacks. Students used their practical skills to identify the best snacks to take with them by burning food samples, which gave an estimate of the amount of energy stored in that food.

Continuing with the food theme students used berries one of the easiest foods to forage, abundant locally, and packed with vitamin C. They were shown different tie dye techniques that use berries and other materials as dyes and then they produced their own piece of tie dyed clothing.

Finally we could not finish an undoubtedly exciting ‘Go Wild’ project without a bit of cooking on the camp fire consequently students used foraged fruits to bake extremely tasty fruit crumbles!