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Home Learning

Home Learning enhances pupil learning, improves achievement and develops pupils’ study skills and as such is an integral part of our curriculum.

Home Learning plays a vital role in raising standards of achievement by pupils of all ages and enables pupils to:

  • Develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding developed at school or prepare for new learning
  • Sustain the involvement of parents in the management of pupils’ learning and keep them informed about the work pupils are doing
  • Develop research skills
  • Have an opportunity to develop independent working

Tasks which could be set as homework include:

Investigations, interviews, simple experiments, essay writing, research, public library visit, drafting, report writing, reading, designing, revision, making a model, drawing, work processing, desktop publishing and projects.

Homework Timetables are designed to follow our students’ timetables and are accessible as PDF documents attached below.

The role of the Pupil:

  • To listen to Home Learning instructions in class.
  • To copy down instructions for the task and deadline date into their planner.
  • To ensure that Home Learning is completed and handed in to meet the deadline.
  • To attempt all work and give their best.
  • To inform the class teacher of any difficulties.

The role of the Form Tutor:

  • To include Home Learning in pupil mentoring
  • To see that Home Learning is being set and recorded.
  • To check that the planner is being signed by the parent/guardian.
  • To note and respond to any comments written in the planner by parents.

The role of the Class Teacher:

The class teacher controls the direction of Home Learning and the nature of tasks undertaken. 

The teacher will:

  • Set Home Learning according to the Home Learning timetable.
  • Write the home learning on a white board for pupils to copy into their planners
  • Provide the stimulus.
  • Give full and comprehensive instructions
  • Set deadlines for completed work and ensure that they are met.
  • Mark and return all Home Learning promptly
  • Record Home Learning marks
  • Provide help and support
  • Inform the Head of Faculty, Tutor and Head of Year when problems arise.

The role of the Parents:

The role of the parent is crucial if a child is to gain success from Home Learning.  To reinforce its value through positive feedback will give students the confidence to persevere, work hard and reach high standards of achievement.

Parents can assist by:

  • Providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work.
  • Negotiating with the student when Home Learning is to be done as a student’s free play is important too.
  • Checking the time spent on individuals tasks.
  • Ensuring that outside clubs do not hamper a child’s quality of work and put a child under undue pressure.
  • Checking presentation and content of all Home Learning being returned to school.
  • Signing the planner each week.
  • Providing the school with information about any problems through the Home Learning diary or contacting the school directly.

Time Spent Completing Home Learning:

In Year 7 and 8, each subject should expect a pupil to spend up to 30 minutes to complete each piece of work. Maths, English, Science should give homework once a week; all other subjects should give homework once every two weeks.  A maximum of 1.5 hours of homework should be set every night.

In Year 9, each subject should expect a pupil to spend up to 35 minutes to complete each piece of work.

In Years 10 and 11 each subject will set between 40-80 minutes of home learning each week, the maximum per night being 2.5 hours.

For those departments who give out home learning packs at KS3, they should allow up to 2 weeks minimum for students to organise their time through independent learning and then hand back the packs to their teacher.

In Years 9-10 homework should be given once a week by all subjects except Core PE.  A maximum of 2.5 hours of homework should be set every night.

Where students fail to complete homework faculties will allocate an appropriate sanction.