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British Values & SMSC


British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education is delivered explicitly through Assemblies, PSHCE lessons and Religious Education lessons – see below in the links.  In addition, all teachers plan and use opportunities to cover these themes through the teaching of their subject where possible. SMSC education is at the heart of our school ethos.

Examples of Recent Work on British Values

Community Leaders

Community leaders are a group of students who help to organise and run community events within school. Their recent focus has been on increasing the profile of Fairtrade within school. They have organised a raffle where the prize was made up of all fairtrade products. They have also been helping to research fairtrade products and their availability on the high street by visiting the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds. We were able to find out about all the different fairtrade products and how they are ethically sourced. Watch this space for the next Community Leader event. The next Community Leaders meeting will be Friday 24th November in F2. All are welcome.

Diversity Week

The school ran many events during diversity week including a bun sale and competition to guess how many sweeties were in the jar. Posters were put up around the school to raise awareness and students delivered an assembly to educate students about the issues surrounding students who identify as LBTQ+. To further signal their commitment to celebrating diversity, students signed forms to promise kindness and a positive attitude to diversity in school.

Culture Club

A new lunchtime club has been introduced to coincide with the appointment of the new SMSC and British Values co-ordinator in school. Mrs Garrety, our Food Technology teacher, has taken over the role of promoting Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural values in lessons and extra – curricular activities. These SMSC strands also work alongside the promotion of British Values which are an integral part of our school community.

Culture Club has been running on Wednesday lunchtimes and has been attended by pupils from across all year groups which has allowed pupils to work together co-operatively and has seen new social relationships being formed. The first task they have been involved in has been the preparation of events to celebrate this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, which ran from 29 February – 13 March. The school has been a Fairtrade school for several years and the students were keen to get involved with this year’s theme of ‘Sit Down for Breakfast, Stand up for Farmers’. Assemblies were held to re-address the importance and significance of Fairtrade, and also to emphasise the importance of eating breakfast in general. Students from the Year 10 GCSE catering group also opened ‘Café Brunch’ over two lunch breaks which sold muffins, brownies and flapjacks made using at least one Fairtrade ingredient. These yummy goodies had been produced by Year 11 students who are studying the Home Cooking Skills course.

The Culture Club members have also planned and delivered the following assemblies:-

Healthy Eating Week - June 2016 – Culture Club and Youth Health Champion students also hosted a smoothie café in G5 as well as delivering the Key Stage assemblies during Healthy Eating week.

World Red Cross Day 9th & 11th May

World Population Day 11th July

Youth Health Champions

The Youth Health Movement is a national collective of young people and organisations who work with young people empowering and involving them to actively promote health and wellbeing in their community and educational settings.

The Youth Health Champions of Park Lane Learning Trust recently travelled to London to attend a campaign on childhood obesity. The meeting was attended by students from other schools across the country as well as representatives from Slimming World.

The meeting lasted all day and was highly informative for everyone involved.  The event was split into two different sections. One was focussed on how the government are tackling childhood obesity and what we thought about their ideas. The second part of the meeting involved a discussion about what we thought could be done. Many ideas were put forward about how we could help tackle the problem, the ideas included; cutting down on the amount of shops outside schools, food packages stipulating how many teaspoons of sugar a product contained, age restrictions on certain foods,  along with decreasing the prices of gym memberships.

The Royal Society for Public Health took all the ideas away to be taken into consideration by the Government.  Their representatives chose ten of the best ideas and requested ambassadors for each one.

Healthy Eating Week June 2016

Assembly & Smoothie Café – see feature on Culture Club

Mix n Match Challenge June 2016

4 Young people go head to head in 3rd Mix Match Challenge

Park Lane and Trinity Academy went head to head at Mixenden Activity Centre on Wednesday 29 June as Park Lane looked to retain the title taken from their opponents in last year’s Mix Match School Challenge.

This year marked the 3rd year of the Mix Match School Challenge and just over a week since the very first Mini Mix Match Challenge took place, won by Ash Green Community Primary School.

Although the weather had its own ideas, it was never going to dampen the spirits and competitiveness of this year’s challenge.

A number of challenges took place throughout the morning and into the afternoon and some proved more testing than others in gruelling conditions, but every young person taking part did themselves proud and dug deep to give their teams the best chance of coming out on top.

Oxfam talk – Year 7 & 8 July 18th 2016

Students have enjoyed an insight into the work of the charity Oxfam during a talk given by one of their volunteer speakers, Pauline Neale. All pupils in Year 7 and 8 were prompted to consider the availability of fresh clean drinking water and their accessibility to receive schooling and education.

This was compared to the contrast in other parts of the world where such provision is not readily available.

The students learned how in some countries people have to walk for many hours to find clean water as otherwise water is sourced from rivers which are unclean or contaminated.

They also discovered that children had to walk for miles to get to school, and some received no education at all.  Electricity is also not available in these countries and some students have reflected on how lucky and fortunate they are as they often take these things for granted.

Year 9 Sessions – EU Referendum

Pupils from Year 9 attended sessions during PSHCE during the time of the EU referendum

Summer Fete

At the beginning of the academic year The Student Council discussed, in their forms, which charities the school would support in the upcoming year. The majority of the vote went to Demi; a disabled student who needs a specially made bath. The RSPCA was the next charity to be funded.

This is a project that the school does every year; throughout it the school has held different types of fund raising events to support the charities. These include non-uniform days, a student fair and many bun sales.

The main event was held on the 20th of July 2016; The Summer Fete. Every form had a stall, with a grand total of nineteen stalls. The Year 7s had: Mystery String, Hoop the Prize, Bun Sale and Pin the Tail on a Donkey (with a Twist). Whilst the Year 8s had Ping Pong, Splat a Rat, Pick a Winning Cocktail Stick and The Bush Tucker Trial Challenge. Meanwhile, Year 9s ran: Knock Down the Cans, Coconut Shy and Name the Teddy. Finally, Year 10s ran: Chocolate Tombola and Chuck the Pig. In addition, other stalls and activities were running such as: STAR ran Tombola, SEN ran Face Painting and Mr Allison ran The Music Tent.

The fete itself was a fun and exciting afternoon, the weather was great and all the stalls ran smoothly. A huge thanks goes to Mrs Dos-Anjos and Miss Halliday for organising the event and all the money raised will be going to the school’s nominated charities.     

Written by Bailey 8A and Anita 8R

Edited by Megan  and Dolcie  8K

Rewards Events ( Behaviour & Attendance)

On Tuesday 19th July, Park Lane held a celebration for students with over 95% attendance for this academic year.  Students enjoyed an afternoon outside, taking part in activities or relaxing in the sun, to mark this fantastic achievement.

Mr Holmes was our BBQ chef and went down a storm serving up sausages and burgers.  Students and staff enjoyed playing football, rugby, and rounders together, having fun and celebrating their success.  What a fantastic way to end the year!

194 students in years 7-10 were eligible due to their excellent attendance, almost half the school!. It was the hottest day on record this year, so we had to buy lots of ice creams to keep us all cool.

Congratulations to all the students who qualified, resulting in them being invited to attend this amazing event.  Good attendance will enable you to get those results you deserve and that college place or job you dream of.  

Blackpool & Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Students have experienced the end of term rewards trips by choosing to visit Blackpool Pleasure  Beach or the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Sports Day

The whole school enjoyed an afternoon of sporting activity on Thurs July, either as participants or spectators. The weather held out so that the events could be held in warm July sunshine which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

STEM Summer Term Activities

Bricks 4 Kidz (Science / STEM) 7/7/16 (see CTR email 6/7/16)

At Park Lane we are working hard to challenge student’s stereotypes about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and develop their understanding of STEM applications in the real world. Young people with STEM qualifications are in demand in the job market and have the opportunity to contribute to the big challenges that face society today.

We continue to work with Bricks4Kidz, a company who use Lego to engage and inspire children into STEM careers. In June a group of Year 8 students spent the morning working as engineers to design and build their own working Lego Theme Park. They had to use a range of engineering skills such as problem solving skills and working as part of a team. Students said ‘The morning was fun as they were allowed to be creative and use their imagination!’

Our most determined Year 7 STEM students were invited to attend a Bricks4kidz after school club.  The workshops were designed around using Lego to create and build interesting and imaginative designs for alternative events at the Olympics and ended in a Mini Olympics with Team GB winning the Gold medal. Students said ‘The equipment was cool’ and ‘They enjoyed the races and competitions!’

Finally a group Year 9 students competed in the STEM Seed Dispersal Challenge at The University of Huddersfield in July.  The aim of the trip was to allow the students to develop their scientific skills in an inspiring environment.  We were lucky enough to be visiting on Graduation Day so a tour of the Campus allowed students to see how proud graduates were of their achievements.

Prom 2016

The Year 11 students thoroughly enjoyed this annual event to celebrate the end of their time at Park Lane. The setting was at Cedar Court Hotel and students (and staff) arrived in their ‘best bib and tucker’ for this fabulous evening at a stunning location. The Prom Committee did not disappoint – the décor was fabulous along with attractions such as a candy cart and a photo booth as well as a dancefloor filled with legendary dance tunes!  A great night was enjoyed by all to say farewell to the Year 11 students with Natasha R and Daniel C being crowned Prom Queen and King respectively.


October 2015 - Assembly by Ella Beevers

Park Lane students voted in the Youth Parliament Elections.  Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 had a scintillating assembly lead by Calderdale’s Youth Parliament member – Ella Beevers, who made a significant impression on our students with her engaging passion and drive for politics, encouraging our students to be involved in the political processes, using their vote to have their voice heard and make the changes they want to see.

September 2015 - Park Lane Student Executive Elections

All Year 11 students were invited to apply for a variety of student leadership roles including prefects, mentors, club leaders and the highly coveted roles of Head Boy and Head Girl.  Applications required description of their personal qualities, why they would make a good ambassador for the school and a role model for our younger students.   In previous years, students have been nominated and after presenting to key staff, staff would choose the best performers for the roles. For the first time in Park Lane history, STUDENTS and staff decided which students were elected!

The applicants for Head Boy/Girl then wrote a speech which was videoed and played to the whole school during assemblies on Wednesday 16th September. Our Year 7 students have only been part of the school community for just over a week which meant the videos were vital in their decision making.  Voting opened on Thursday 17th September with all students and staff in the school coming to the 'Polling Station' to vote in a secret ballot. Pictures and names of the candidates were around school and in the hall to remind students of who they would like to vote for. There was a real excitement around school and students were desperate to know who had won.

Ballot boxes were counted later that day and the result was announced by whole school tannoy on Friday 18thSeptember.

The results of Park Lane Student Excecutive Election are:

Tyler D - Head Boy & Dannielle Atkinson - Head Girl

Deputy Head Boys: Brandon C & Dawid Z

Deputy Head Girl: Britany D & Leah H

July 2015 - The Golden Rule

In July, Nancy White and Reverend Jonathan Bish came to Park Lane to deliver an assembly and workshop based on ‘The Golden Rule’ and the rules that people lived by.  The themes challenged students' perceptions about stereotypes, allowed students to ask the questions about religion they were afraid to ask and the session also explored students’ views on moral questions.

July 2015 - Day Trip to the Halifax Minster

In July the whole of Year 10 were invited to the Halifax Minster to explore the importance of tolerance, spirituality and to gain a deeper understanding that the freedom to choose and hold faiths and beliefs is a British Value protected in law.  Students took part in guided meditation which introduced them to the peace of a place of worship.  Through a variety of activities designed to explore the theme of tolerance for themselves, students thought about something they felt sorry for; how to forgive someone; wrote messages asking for help for someone in need; what makes them unique and how to love themselves; how we find ways of working with people no matter how different we are; listening to each other and how we all belong.

In the afternoon, students were joined by people who followed a range of faiths including Christianity, Ba’hai, Humanism, Sikhism and Islam.  Students had the opportunity to ask searching questions and our students had planned these questions in advance in their British Values lessons.  Students asked the panel to give their view on moral issues, the ultimate questions; they asked about tolerance, the right to choose faith, prejudice, the things that are hard to tolerate and how you respond to them.


Summer Term - British Values lessons

In the summer term, Year 10 students participated in lessons which had a British Values theme – what does it mean to be British?  Students had the opportunity to explore, discuss and research the following areas related to being British:

  • The Golden Rule – Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • Peace -  The role it plays in our world and communities.
  • Citizenship – To explore what it is to be a citizen.
  • Earning a living – The significance of supporting oneself through lawful means.
  • Becoming a good parent – To explore views on parenting from a variety of religious view points.
  • Community Cohesion – To explore issues around community cohesion e.g 7/7 bombing.
  • Religion – To ask where religion is a problem or the solution.
  • Multiculturalism – Integration, segregation and community.
  • Freedom of Speech – Explore the boundaries between ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘respect’.
  • Britain – What kind of Britain do we want and how we will achieve it.

Key Stage 3

Democracy Afternoon

In October 2015, Year 7 students participated in a Democracy afternoon which began with an assembly learning about the democratic processes in Britain. Students were taught about the differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords; the role of the Queen and how their vote can make a difference. The first workshop was ‘An Election in an Hour’. The students were split into political parties in order to create a party name and a manifesto based on Education, Health, Transport and Leisure. Each of the Political Parties then presented their manifestos through a Party Political broadcast to the other groups; the votes were counted and the winners were announced. The second workshop saw the hall transformed into the House of Commons! Seated opposite each other the students were asked to participate in debates.

May 2015 - Election Fever!

Election fever came to Park Lane! Over a few weeks, student candidates represented four political parties: Vision, Progress, Tomorrow and Transform. The students wrote manifestos, canvassed for votes by going from classroom to classroom, through party political broadcasts; arguing why their policies were better and they tried to convince the voters from Years 7, 8 and 9 to elect a Prime Minister for Park Lane.

Students not running for office participated in roles such as Chief Counter, Polling Station Officer or as a voter. On May 7th, there was a party political debate between the four party leaders where the leaders and their deputies were given the opportunity to give speeches and convince the students why they should be elected. The students were then invited to ask questions about the parties’ policies and the leaders, like true Politicians, candidates were able to deflect those questions with ease! KS3 students voted in a secret ballot – only one party could win! Those students who had registered on the electoral roll were able to cast their vote in our polling booth.

The campaigns ended with a Key Stage assembly where the ‘Tomorrow’ party leader Phoebe, and deputy Emily, were elected as Prime Minister of Park Lane.

The whole event was engaging and exciting for all students involved and we congratulate all the students for taking part. This was an super opportunity for our students to learn about the importance of democracy in Britain, how democratic processes work, how citizens can influence decision making and how it feels to be passionate about the society in which they live.